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This Book is for both Buyers and Sellers
You would think this book is about eBay but it's more than that. We use eBay as a reference to what you can do on any internet auction site. Even though we talk about eBay and eBay auctions, what we are really talking about is internet sales in general and specifically Internet auctions. Most internet auction sites operate in the same manner that eBay does. You list your items for sale, people bid on them driving the price up, and then at some point the item sells and you get paid for the product. Also most internet auction sites have some form of feedback system, some sort of email system and some sort of payment system built into them. We will touch on and discuss all these things here.
In this book we will talk about various ideas and various ways to do different things that relate to Internet auctions. In particular:

Introduction and background of eBay – Basic info about eBay as a business, networking and goal setting

Sourcing Product -How to find and source products to sell and we specifically talk about the following sources

  • Used goods
  • Garage Sales
  • Flea markets
  • Thrift Stores and pawn shops
  • Estate sales
  • Auctions
  • Wholesalers
  • Factory outlets
  • Non-physical products

Drop Shipping – Learn about the closely held secrets that eBay course promoters do NOT want you to know about and why most drop shipping promotions are actually scams

Dealing with competitors – 11 ways to Out-compete other sellers

Packaging techniques– how to package and protect items for shipping

  • How to properly package an item
  • Safe packaging techniques
  • Packaging materials
  • How to source cheap or FREE shipping supplies

Avoiding Scams -how to avoid auction and internet scams

  • Confirming that you are shipping to the actual buyer
  • Overseas shipping scam
  • Shipping to a third party
  • Not as described scam
  • Protecting yourself as a buyer
  • Safe payments and ways you should never use to make a payment
  • Surprises and Fakes – what to do if the item you receive is NOT exactly what you expected
  • Spoofing

Selecting a Shipping Company– What is the best way to ship your items

Taking Action -This is what it is all about

  • Making a decision and taking action
  • You can never please everyone
  • Follow through

Advanced strategies – How to expand your eBay business

FAQ – Question and answer time

About the Author

Free Bonuses – Description of all the FREE Bonuses you will receive just by buying the book, and how to get them

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