You would think this book is about eBay but it's more than that. We use eBay as a reference to what you can do on any internet auction site. Even though we talk about eBay and eBay auctions, what we are really talking about is internet sales in general and specifically Internet auctions. Most internet auction sites operate in the same manner that eBay does. You list your items for sale, people bid on them driving the price up, and then at some point the item sells and you get paid for the product. Also most internet auction sites have some form of feedback system, some sort of email system and some sort of payment system built into them. We will touch on and discuss all these things here.


In this book we will talk about various ideas and various ways to do different things that relate to Internet auctions. In particular we specifically talked about sourcing products. That means how do you find products to sell and where do you find them and how do you get them. We will also talk about one of the best ways to make money through internet auctions and that is consignment selling. Consignment selling is where you don't actually own the products that you sell. People who have product to sell will consign the product with you, you sell the product, you collect the payment, and then you give the owner of the products a percentage of the money that you have received. I consider consignment selling probably the single best way to make money with Internet auctions.


I will also talk about packaging items and how to safely package them for shipping to various parts of the country. You will find out what sort of packaging materials to use and where to get them for the cheapest amount of money, or even for free.  We will also talk about different ways of shipping items, what is the best way to ship an item, whether to use a postal service, courier service or some kind of special delivery service.


Some of the more advanced things we will talk about is how to specifically deal with competitors. You're not the only one that's going to be selling or using internet auctions. How do you deal with people that are trying to take business away from you and how do you take business away from them. Also there are a lot of scams out there on the Internet and in particular a lot of internet auction scams. We will show you how to spot the scams, how to avoid them, and if you do get caught, some various methods that you can try to recover and recoup the money you've lost.


Finally we'll talk on the subject that is the most important thing when it comes to Internet auctions and internet sales or anything that you do in the real world. And that is taking action. Learning and educating yourself is all good and fine but you will never get anything done unless you actually take some action. Taking that first step can sometimes be very scary. However it's something that you have to do. A lot of times it really doesn't matter whether you make a mistake doing something or whether you do it right, the important thing is that you do something and it really doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do it.


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My hope is that this book will give you an insight into what is possible and how much you can actually make if you put your mind to it. Remember if you treat this like a hobby it will pay like a hobby, if you treat it like a business it will pay like a business. Many people have used eBay and Internet auctions to generate a full time income for themselves while only working part time. My hope is that you can do this as well. So what I am Telling You is to just read this book, take some action, be a success, and then let me know how well you have done.


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